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Anti Aging and Anti Cancer Benefits

Published on October 20, 2011 By Alexis

One of maqui berry’s most notable qualities is the incredible antioxidant levels. Recent research has shown that antioxidants play a vital role in preventing diseases and cancer. Free radicals are one of the leading causes of disease and cancer in the world. “Free radicals” are unstable molecules that come from cigarette smoke, pollution, chemicals, etc. They require [...]

Maqui Berry Juice

Published on October 19, 2011 By Alexis

The Mapuche natives of Chile have used maqui berries for centuries for both the fruit and the maqui berry juice. They also developed the fermented form of the drink which is very popular throughout Chile. This juice became valuable not just because of it’s rich taste but because of the numerous health benefits that come [...]

Maqui Berry

Published on October 13, 2011 By Alexis

Maqui berry is quickly becoming one of the world’s most beneficial fruits after staying quite in the remote regions of Chile for centuries. When the antioxidant levels in this berry are twice the amount in acai berries, it wasn’t going to stay quite for much longer. The concentrations of antioxidants are becoming very valuable to the medical [...]

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