Maqui Berry Weight Loss

maqui berry weight lossThere are a lot of products out there that are meant for weight loss but very few have hard research backing them up. Maqui berry is one of the few that has extensive research. Technically speaking, it has a few thousand years of first hand research by the natives. There is modern laboratory research that has shown some promising results. That in combination with the nutritional content could make maqui berry one of the most effective weight loss supplements. There are many natural supplements that have weight loss benefits… but none so far can match the abilities and strength of maqui.

With more research being done everyday, discoveries on the many health benefits including weight loss are surprising even top professionals. Looking at what other super fruits like acai berry did for natural weight loss, those effects are multiplied with the use of maqui berries. Here’s how this super fruit works.

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Anti Aging and Anti Cancer Benefits

One of maqui berry’s most notable qualities is the incredible antioxidant levels. Recent research has shown that antioxidants play a vital role in preventing diseases and cancer. Free radicals are one of the leading causes of disease and cancer in the world. “Free radicals” are unstable molecules that come from cigarette smoke, pollution, chemicals, etc. They require another electron in order to stabilize themselves. When they enter our body they take electrons from healthy cells which causes cell damage. If this continues, diseases and cancers are created.

Essentially what antioxidants do is donate an electron to the free radical preventing it from causing damage to the body. They can donate a free electron and afterwards become de-activated. By preventing free radical damage we also prevent disease and cancer. The anti aging benefits are a bonus in the process.

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Maqui Berry Juice

maqui berry juiceThe Mapuche natives of Chile have used maqui berries for centuries for both the fruit and the maqui berry juice. They also developed the fermented form of the drink which is very popular throughout Chile. This juice became valuable not just because of it’s rich taste but because of the numerous health benefits that come from them.

The incredibly high levels of antioxidants and polyphenols in maqui berry juice help fight disease and prevent it from occurring. Antioxidants fight free radicals which cause disease and aging so the more antioxidants that are present, the less free radicals there are. The beneficial materials that are found in the juice are more bio-available which means they are easily absorbed and used by the body.

It is very important that whatever brand of juice being purchased that it is not processed or any type of heat treatment. Many juice companies heat the juices to be purified from bacteria and any other elements. That is exactly what heating the juice does is purify it including all of the protective materials produced by the berry. The best maqui berry juice will be raw or filtered. Since maqui berries are a natural antibacterial, it is completely unnecessary to send it through any process other than filtration.

Organic maqui berry with pure ingredients used will always be the best. Some of the ingredients used other than the berry may include blackberry or another type of berry used only to add some sweetness. For a healthy supplement of maqui juice it shouldn’t contain sugar or any other additives. Concentrated forms of the juice are alright since they simply have some water content removed and are designed to last longer while maintaining all of the health benefits.

Be sure to look for a reputable supplier that has standards of supporting sustainable farming/harvesting methods and the local community that harvests it. These methods ensure that the purity of the growing region remains. The quality of the berry comes from the natural soil and clean environment. The flavor and health promoting benefits of maqui berry juice reflect the growing conditions much like a fine wine. Organic juice from this berry can also be fermented into a beverage like the one the Mapuche have made for centuries. Only someone with experience should be doing the fermentation process. Either way the juice is enjoyed fermented or pure, the health benefits are extraordinary compared to other super fruit juices.

The antioxidant values (measured on a specific scale) of maqui berry are 11,000 higher than the former top super fruit acai berry and 17,000 higher than pomegranate. The study was performed by Brunswick Laboratories. Such high levels of antioxidant power will most certainly change the way we look at natural health supplements and juices. After a workout supplementing with maqui berry juice would be very beneficial to hydrate and help repair damage. It’s anti inflammatory properties would be very useful here as well since most inflammation occurs after injury or physical workouts.

Look for the best maqui berry juice on the market in order to get it’s quality nutrition and experience the natural benefits that the people of Chile have for centuries.

Maqui Berry Supplements

maqui berry supplements If you have done the research on the benefits of maqui berries and have finally decided to get a maqui berry supplement, then this is a good place to start on how to pick the right one. There are a variety of supplements that contain maqui berry from bulk powder supplements to the concentrated juice. Each one has its benefits but it is up to you to decide which one works best for you.

Before we get into the pros an cons of each one, we need to discuss the contents of what should be in the supplement and what should not. An easy way to identify any product that is less than great is to check the ingredients before buying it. Some common additives that some suppliers use are rice flour, titanium dioxide, wheat and yeast. These don’t add any value to the supplement. True organic ones will contain the gelatin, capsule if it is in capsule form, and the maqui berry powder.

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Maqui Berry

maqui berryMaqui berry is quickly becoming one of the world’s most beneficial fruits after staying quite in the remote regions of Chile for centuries. When the antioxidant levels in this berry are twice the amount in acai berries, it wasn’t going to stay quite for much longer. The concentrations of antioxidants are becoming very valuable to the medical community abroad due to the anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties.

The antioxidants found in maqui berries are also useful in weight loss since it helps improve metabolism naturally, remove toxins from the body and impurities from the blood. Research is only just beginning to discover the benefits and application potential that this berry has.

The fruit has a similar taste to bilberries, huckleberries and blueberries that is slightly tart. Which explains why it is so popular in the creation of wine in Chile since it is also known as the Chilean Wine Berry. The rich purple color has been used in dyes and is very present in the natural powder supplement. For centuries it has been used throughout the Chilean culture and deeply valued as a food, medicine and drink.

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